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Tape Drives

Tape Drives
Model Part No. Description
5190 97673 18 Track Cartridge - Rack Mount
5190ACL 97671 18 Track Cartridge w/ ACL - Rack Mount
5194ACL U13643 36 Track Cartridge w/ ACL - Rack Mount
5145 4mm DAT DDS-3 (Single) - Himalaya
5145ACL U34226 4mm DAT DDS-3 with 6-media slot ACL - Himalaya
5142 U35050 4mm DAT DDS-3 (Single)
5142ACL U33456 4mm DAT DDS-3 with 6-media slot ACL
5242 528081 DAT 72GB, Single-Cartridge Tabletop
5242ACL 528086 DAT 72GB with 6-media slot ACL
5242-2SE DAT 72GB 2 Drive Unit, NEBS compliant
5150ACL U31956 DLT4000 w/ ACL
5151 U31170 DLT4000 Single Drive, Tabletop
5157 424392 DLT7000, manual (rack mount)
5157ACL 424393 DLT7000 (Desktop)
5158ACL 424394 DLT7000 (with enclosure) ACL
5159 DLT7000 (for use in 9710 library)
5257 522483 Super DLT, manual (rack mount)
5257ACL 522484 Super DLT (with enclosure)
5258ACL 522211 Super DLT (Desktop)
5259 Super DLT (for use in CTL700 library)
N1524A 526474 LTO - 10 Cart ACL - Rack Mount
N1524A 526475 LTO - 10 Cart ACL - Table Top
9710 138661 Tape Library (Low Voltage)
9710 138662 Tape Library (High Voltage)
L700 429185 Tape Library 156 Slots
L700 429187 Tape Library 618 Slots

Tape Enclosures
Model Description
7186 Single High Tape Cabinet w/ base
7187 Double High Tape Cabinet w/ base
7188 Single High Tape Cabinet w/o base
7290 1/2 Height Tape Enclosure
7291 1/2 Height Tape Enclosure (add-on)

HP Ultrium 960 Tape Drives Hardware Configurations
Model Description
M8501 15-slot Auto Cartridge Loader (ACL); rack mounted
M8502 15-slot ACL; tabletop
M8503 For CTL700/CTL700M tape libraries
M8504 For MRL50 tape libraries

StorageTek 9840C Tape Drive Configurations
Model Description
CT9841FC-1 For CTL700/ CTL700M libraries
CT9841FC-4 For StorageTek 9310 Powderhorn tape library

HP Midrange Library
Model Description
M8521 Base w/ 2 Ultrium 960 drives, 50 user cartridge slots
M8522 Limited DEM: 4 additional slots, 50 user cartridge slots
M8523 100 to 143 cartridge upgrade
M8524 DEM: additional 4 drive slots, 84 user cartridge slots
M8525 CEM: provides additional 120 user cartridge slots

HP Large Libraries
Model Description
CTL700 156 Data Cartridge Capacity Library
CTL700M 618 Data Cartridge Capacity Library

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